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driving down the 101, CALIFORNIAAAA, HERE WE COMEEEE.

Hey all my best friends back en Nueva York!!!!

California is very gorgeous and wicked asssssome ana Becca and I are having oodles of noodles (fun!)jayyyplay, jayplay, we are crazy. We went to get some JAMBA JUICE. They only have two vegan smoothies, both of which are not so good, but its allll peachy because THIS IS IT!!! Tomorrow we are going to some girl named Stephanie's house to brainwash her into liking SUPERCAMP. And, it's not religious minus the religion FOR THE RECORD.
hi everyone reading this wicked cool posting at promptly 6:10 pacific standard time in lovely cali,
everyone watch monk tonight at 10pm (cali and ny time) its an ALL NEW never before seen episode featuring none other than the most fantabulous ocd detective mr. adrienne monk. sometimes, there are monk-a-thons on USA channel, which does so kindly feature MONK the hit detective show on USA. (I know i said USA twice in a sentence to emphasize the USA channel to remind you what channel MONK the hit detective show is on-channel 42 here, i dont know about where you are-check local listings for local times and channels. enjoy monk and dont forget to check the supercamp photos daily for updates on what we are up to -but we still have 48hrs until departure time. adios chicos + chicas (but chicos does cover girls if even 1 boy reads it)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~katie and beccaroo
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